How To Think Sideways Lesson 3

In this lesson Holly Lisle attempts to connect us with our muse. She tells you to speak to it, ask questions of it, and write down what it gives you. It really seems pretty mystical and maybe it works. I have had some difficulties with it this time and in other attempts at going through the course.

Young woman meditating in officeHowever, this time, I am not going to allow issues to hold me back from continuing the course to completion. I have completed 2 graduate degrees and one undergraduate degree and I have learned that you will not get everything that is taught to you. So I will simply finish the lessons as if I did it her way and move on.

I know, I know, some folks have told me that that is not the thing to do, but I know me, and I will either be stuck here and never complete it, or I will move forward ignoring the parts that I just can’t get into.

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