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Yep. I’m Fixing To Take The Plunge

I am going to write 52 stories in 52 weeks and chronicle what happens here. What is the plan? I am glad you asked. It is a simple one.

1) Write one story a week for a year.

Yeah, I know I can’t write. But sitting around thinking about writing ain’t gonna make me any better. So what do you do? You write.

Close-up of a person writing on a document

Close-up of a person writing on a document

OK, now on to rule 2 which is just as important.

2) Read one short story a day.

And then I have one final rule.

3) Publish the Story.

That’s it. Ray Bradbury says if you follow those rules you will become a writer after one year. So that’s what I am fixin to do.

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