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Getting Started

Starting LineI am a new writer, well I have been writing fiction for close to two years now. But now this year I am going to take it seriously. By that I mean I am going to put in at least one hour a day every day for a year.

Here is what I have done so far this year and the last couple days last year.

Date Minutes Writing Words words per hour
12/30/2014 85 2013 1,420.94
12/31/2014 70 3677 3,151.71
1/1/2015 36 1536 2,560.00
1/2/2015 61 1629 1,602.30
1/3/2015 78 2130 1,638.46
1/4/2015 65 1526 1,408.62

I had a bit of a lull on the first. Only doing 36 minutes, but I still hit 1500 words. I think the the better goal is minutes, but we shall see.

My goal is 250,000 words this year. I should easily make it at this pace. We shall see about that as well.

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