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Your Stuff is Probably Crap – At Least At First

It is always interesting when you see a new writer who hasn’t really read or written much fiction complaining about their stuff not getting many sales. I don’t care how much you polish it, how much editing you get done on it, it probably is not very good.

But hey that is not telling you to give up, it is only telling you that you got a lot more practice before you get decent. One artist said, you have a million crappy pictures in you, the sooner you get them out of you the better.

Male hand ready to write with a fountain penWriters have often said that we all have a million words of crap in us. And that is probably true to a greater or lesser extent. Of course that is dependent on how much reading we have done and how much writing we have done.

Ray Bradbury gives a guaranteed formula that will turn you into writer. Write a short story a week and read a short story every day. That’s it. Now, I am going to dedicate my next year to doing just that. Beginning today, I am going to follow Bradbury’s plan. A year from now, I should be a decent writer.

Follow me on my journey…

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